MAKO 2020 - Piranha Combo Deal

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MAKO 2020 & Piranha Combo Deal

Save $$ by buying a MAKO 2020 and Piranha in combination.


MAKO 2020:

  • Better support for Heng Long & Taigen MFUs inc. V2 which features a modified IR code
  • Experimental microswitch replacement connector
  • Experimental gun motor return trigger input

So if you are looking for an economical and simple way to make your Heng Long Tank compatible with the Tamiya battle system then look no further.

If you are new to MAKO, this system has been around for many years now where it has been consistently updated and improved. MAKO is without a doubt is the most flexible and feature packed IR battle system on the market. MAKO has so many features that it is often confused for being a full tank control unit. MAKO is an IR interpreter that senses IR signals from the various R/C Tank battle systems and converts them into a signal that the attached MFU can "understand". Similarly, MAKO transmits the IR signals of the most common R/C Tank battle systems. This is the functional core of MAKO. In addition to this MAKO provides for the setting of a number of different weight classes and operational modes. The number of operational modes is dependant on the the main tank control system being used. The highest number of modes is reached using RCTA's Asp. Additionally, MAKO provides support for a recoil servo, relays and can display battle information on a Manta/LCD.

MAKO2020 is designed to be used with Heng Long and Taigen RX-18 style tank control units BOTH 27 mHz AND 2.4 gHz operation.  However the design is such that with custom firmware MAKO can be used with ALL tank control units. 

NOTE: If you have the newest Heng Long TK6.0 tanks then you will need the MAKO TK6.0 board.


  • Ir battle compatibility with all Tamiya based systems, PLUS Heng Long and Taigen tanks
  • Includes 2-shot kill Tamiya code capabilities
  • Multiple weight class/mode selection
  • Friend or foe recognition (essential for team battles)
  • Realistic magazine option
  • Main cannon Xenon flash or LED support (1)
  • Recoil Servo support (2)
  • Manta LCD display (3)
  • Additional signal out (4) can be used to stop track recoil*
  • Programming & testing using a SONY TV remote
  • Firmware update port
  • Heng Long/Taigen and Tamiya/RCTA battle unit outputs

* NOTE Output 4 can be used to trigger relay/s to cut the automatic track recoil and other automatic track movements (hit shakes & death spasm). The IR hit shakes and death spasm can always be cut out. However, the effectiveness of removing the track recoil will depend on the version of MFU and installation method.  Older style 27mHz MFU can be installed using the simple/original install method, whereby the supplied 5 way cable connects MAKO to the IR port.  The 2.4gHz units are best connected using the "advanced" installation method described here:

NOTE: If you have the newest Heng Long TK6.0 tanks then you will need the MAKO TK6.0 board.

MAKO Advanced Install Method

There is a dedicated MAKO support sub forum on the main RCTA Forum

On this site you will find details for installation, connection to battle units (mushrooms), how to upgrade firmware and troubleshooting.


Piranha is RCTA's primary IR Battle Unit. Because Piranha features the latest SMD technology IR receivers it is not only one of the smallest battle units available but also possibly the best for IR performance.

Piranha features 4 X IR receiver modules each with built-in IR noise filters capable of receiving IR signals over a 45 metre (147 ft) distance , 4 x high intensity red side mount LEDs and a high power, narrow angle IR emitter. The Piranha assembly comprises two interconnecting PCBs, a base unit and receiver/emitter unit. The standard base unit for Piranha is a 5+2 pin base for connection to RCTA & Tamiya units. An optional 5 pin base is available for direct connection to the new El Mod Fusion series. Direct connection to Heng Long and Taigen MFUs is possible using an aRUBA adapter but it is not recommended as these MFUs do not provide for LED indication if IR hits. If using a Heng Long or Taigen MFU then a MAKO is recommended as the MAKO will not only provide for LED indication but also a compatible pin output.

Piranha is supplied with 300mm 5 way and 300mm 2way JST-PH cables for 5+2 pin bases or a single 300mm 5 way for the 5 pin base.

NOTE: The mounting of the IR emitter on the top of Piranha is OPTIONAL.  You can remove the emiiter and place inthe barrel, mantlet or whereever you wish on your tank.  Simply use the supplied 2 way cable to connect direct to you rIR emitter instead of to the Piranha base unit.

Also available free for download are 3D print files to create a cover for the piranha unit.

Please Note:  Free shipping items are sent by International Letter Post.  This is an extremely reliable service that RCTA has been using for years.  Be aware that this service is not tracked.  If you require a tracked service please purchase from the Postal Options category.  All orders are photographed at time of postage along with the postal receipt.  This image will be emailed to the customer within 24hrs of postage.  If you do not receive such an email please check your Spam/Junk folders. Customs forms are typically written as "Circuit for R/C toy", marked as a "Gift" with a value of between $10 - $20 AUD.

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