RC2HL 2.4gHz Adapter for Heng Long Tanks

Introducing the RC2HL Adapter. Break free from all the limitations of the old 27 mHz HL radio. If I was to name the biggest drawback of the Heng Long system it would have to be the toy radio that comes with it. With 2.4 gHz radios now available at the same cost of a replacement Heng Long trasmitter why would you not upgerade to 2.4 gHz. No more channel interference, no more limited range, no more oversized chunk of wire hanging off the back of your tank.



Chimaera Update

I have had quite a lot of people asking about the Chimaera, when will it be available and so on.  So here is a project update.  Say hi to the Chimaera prototype board.

So far most issues have been sorted out.  At present the chimaera will feature:

  • Plug and Play setup
  • Tamiya & Heng Long Battle function
  • Anti- track recoil – (just a bit back henceforth JABB)
  • High intensity LED cannon flash
  • Servo support for cannon recoil unit
  • Elimination of the tank shuddering once hit by IR
  • 4 LEDS to indicate tank has been hit by IR shot

Testing of prototype should be completed by the next MBRCTC meeting (Sun 19th Feb).  Once complete and assuming everything else goes well it should take about 2 weeks before the boards will be available for purchase



The wait is finally over!!!  The new Mako, Whaler and ATRC MkI & MkII boards have arrived and will be on sale very soon in the RCTA Online Shop.

The MAKO is an IR battle Adapter board for Heng Long tanks that features a simple plug and play installation as seen below.

Once installed the MAKO will allow you to battle with BOTH Heng Long AND Tamiya compatible  battle systems.  The MAKO also provides an output for a high intensity flash LED.  Perfecrt for fitting down scale barrels.


WHALER – $19.90 AUD – FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING (provides the same Heng Long & Tamiya Battle functions for SGS equipped Tanks)

ATRC MK II – $24.90 AUD – Eliminates the nasty track recoil of Heng Long tanks whilst providing support for a high intensity LED flash & servo control of cannon recoil.

ATRC MKI – $17.50 AUD – REDUCED PRICE – Eliminates the nasty track recoil of Heng Long tanks